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Having photographed residential and commercial architecture and interior design for the past 13 years, Louisiana native Chad Chenier has excelled in a dynamic and evolving profession. The acclaimed Louisiana photographer creates images that convey his passion for portraying America’s most notable architects and designers with artistic verve.

Forever striving to find the best technical and artistic approach for each subject, Chenier breathes life into pictures by meticulously enhancing elements that convey a strong sense of narrative. He goes well beyond technical mastery. By featuring multiple perspectives, Chenier orients the viewer from room to room and enlightens them how a space flows and feels.

With a name like Chenier, which is derived from the French word for “oak,” the Vacherie native’s roots run deep into the Acadiana heartland, where oak grows in abundance on chenier ridges deep in the marsh. Inspired by the lush landscapes and unique lighting that has served as a backdrop for the hundreds of distinguished Louisiana homes and landmarks he has photographed for various publications and clients, Chenier creates images that convey the perfect interplay of architecture and design. He invites viewers to enter these elaborate environments and stay awhile.

“My approach is to digest the overall scene, then reduce and simplify the space to its most visually appealing composition,” Chenier says. “Ultimately, my goal is to take my viewers on a visual artistic journey as if they were sitting right next to me while I photograph architectural and interior design.”

Exploring Louisiana for a decade while photographing a diversity of prominent residences for Louisiana Homes and Gardens and Our Louisiana magazine, Chenier’s visual journey unfolded with the history, architecture and interior design depicted from New Orleans to the state capitol and the picturesque Acadiana parishes rich with oil and gumbo. Chenier then branched out to books, initiated by his 208-page interior design hardcover tome, Ma Maison: At Home with Beth Claybourn by Lisa LeBlanc-Berry. The beautifully photographed “coffee table” book featuring Chenier’s exquisitely assembled images takes readers on a rare view of the famed designer’s vast and storied estate.

Chenier strives to capture anew the intrinsic beauty that is unique to Louisiana and beyond with his luminous style. He artfully depicts the architecture, interior design, people and culture of the South through images that are designed to inspire. A passionate photographer who excels in demonstrating how his unique images elevate the work of clients, Chenier is keen on interpreting and embellishing their vision through the lens.

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